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Winter/Spring 2012, Vol 2

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Happy New Year, 2012!

Welcome to a new year. With a new year comes new years resolutions, most commonly exercise and weight loss. Many times beginning an exercise program also starts the development of a wide variety of foot problems. Remember, foot pain is not normal. If you develop foot pain after starting a new exercise program, contact our office for an evaluation. We’ll help you meet your new years exercise and weight loss goals and eliminate your foot pain.


Diabetes, Medicare and Your Feet

Poorly fitting shoes are the primary reason people with diabetes are at an increased risk for skin breakdown, foot ulceration and/or infection. Complications related to diabetes can result in amputation of the foot or leg. Patients with diabetes may be eligible for diabetic specific shoes through the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program. These stylish name brand shoes give you and your feet maximum comfort, protection and mobility with little or no out-of pocket cost to you. Many private insurance companies will also cover diabetic shoes. To see if you or a family member qualifies for diabetic shoes, feel free to ask any of our staff members. If you qualify, your feet will be measured and shoes selected that are appropriate for your feet and to your liking. To view some of the shoes available, visit


Featured Products

Gormel Crème

This is an excellent cream for moisturizing and softening dry, cracked, calloused, rough and hardened skin. It’s active ingredient, Urea 20% is delivered through a white odorless cream base which helps penetrate the thick skin that can form on feet.

Contact our office for pricing and ordering information.



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Heel Pain Guide

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Our office specializes in these treatment areas:

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Winter/Spring 2012, Vol 2

Winter Foot Care

One of the most common winter foot complaints is dry skin. This usually occurs from the dry environment we live in during the winter months. Following these simple steps will help keep your feet smooth and ready for sandal season in the spring. Avoid soaking feet on a regular basis. Use warm, not hot, water when showering and a mild fragrance-free soap. Use dry skin cream right after showering to lock in moisture. Apply the cream twice a day. Use brand name creams such as AmLactin 12% or Curel UltraHealing. Prescription strength creams are also available in our office if the over-the-counter creams are ineffective. Contact the office if any split skin, drainage or bleeding is noted.


Laser Therapy

Laser therapy now available to treat fungus nails
* Proven clinical results
* Painless without anesthesia
* Quick and safe
* No drugs or side effects
* Performed right in the office
* Log on to for more information


Need More Information?
Our website includes a large library of information on many foot problems. You can also request an appointment or e-mail us your questions.


Referrals Mean the World to Us!

We dedicate this space to say thank you to all of our patients and friends who have so kindly made referrals to our office. There is no greater compliment you can pay us than to entrust us with the referral of a friend or family member.

Your trust and confidence mean the world to us and have helped our practice to grow over the years. We’d like to say a very big THANK YOU to all of our patients who have sent us a referral this month.


Welcome New Patients

Patients are the lifeblood of our practice. We realize that you have a choice and we are proud that these new patients have chosen us as their health care provider! We hope that we exceed your expectations and help you progress towards a healthy lifestyle!


Let’s Wish Happy Birthday to the Following Patients!

Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... We'd like to give special recognition to all the patients who have a winter/spring birthday. We have a large patient population with a birthday in winter/spring, so unfortunately we cannot list all of you. We hope each one of you enjoys your special day.


Meet Our Staff: (Westside)

  • Ronald A. Freireich, D.P.M.
  • Brian J. Weiss, D.P.M.
  • Amy Metz, Office Manager
  • Denise Yeager, Medical Assistant
  • Robin Brown, Billing Coordinator

Meet Our Staff: (Eastside)

  • Ronald A. Freireich, D.P.M.
  • Donna Alto, Office Manager
  • Jen Sullivan, Medical Assistant
  • Charla Burko, Billing Coordinator

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